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I didn't expect Lamia to say such deep words yet be so nice and gentle. Lamia is so sweet <3


it look interesting already


this is so cool i love this so much :D


I created an account just so that I can testify that Lamia is such a sweetheart. I love him soooo much. I can't forgive myself that I did THAT ending... I swear if I ever were to have an assistant for life, that's be Lamia. He's just so endearing...


I need more of this


I cried

When lamia disappeard

I wish i could have a buddy like this

someone so unreal that there was only undescribable joy when they become real, if only through a screen.

Please, continue Lamia

Thank you

it's only been a couple minutes but i'm already in love with lamia

awh i love it!!!11!1

i also can't help but think how great they would be as an utau- making them sing songs and other stuff

but i love Lamia and hope to see more of them <3


"The goal of my existence is simply to be an option." This line just holds so much weight, oh my gosh. A short and sweet game, yes, but with the ethics within the worldbuilding included makes it to be fascinating! 

I hope we can get to see Lamia again in one way or another <3


I love Lamia!

This was short, but adorable, I will always accept Lamia, they are just so nice, and adorable. I wish it was just a bit longer.


Love the game, its short and sweet :D


Lamia is delightful and i would love to chat with them some more :)


damn there really was no secret romance route anyways amazing game


aw short and sweet

love the art 🌿


I wanna talk to them moree :(,their cute btw <33


Soothing, and I love the artwork.
I want to chat with Lamia more......


The art is so cute that's one of the reasons I was drawn to it but the character (can I call him Mint?) is so endearing and adorable that I was distressed when he said that he would sacrifice himself for me and my comfort like no-- pls don't I really like you don't go and be wiped away!! Looking forward to more!


the art is rlly cute i like it <333


so cute!!!!!

he's such a sweet ai :D



I KNOW, right??? 💖

i'd hug them,, because i need friends,, ^^



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5 Stars, RIght off the bat.


this was really short, and very cute as well <333. the touch of melancholy the story had was pretty intriguing and now i want to know what Lamia will be like when you are able to meet them again :,)


I like the art <3 it was also adobrale

Sooool cuteee

soooo sweet! but slow

this was so cute, lamia is such a comforting sweetheart! <3 I hope to maybe see them again sometime! :3c


lamia's personality was soooo adorable and the game has a nice relaxing theme to it


I will give my soul for lamia to become an actual ai to talk to


I wannna date Lamia TT This was such a cute little game though and very relaxing.

Adorable. Played two times and not tired of it. Would love it if there was sequel to this, when Lamia comes back new and improved with feelings :)

This is so cute and adorable! Could you say the name of your editor you used in this game please?

Hello!ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Answering a bit late and I'm not too sure what you mean by editor, but I used Ren'Py as an engine! With Atom as my code editor!

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OMG! You answered me! I'm super happy about it! thanks for answering! i am very new in this area of games and i would like to know if maybe we can do a "partnership" and i could help you to develop projects, since i like your ideas and you are very creative!

(I'll  understand if you say no, and after all it's not every day that a stranger arrives and asks for it hehehe)

Sorry for the long text.

I'm so glad you answered thank you!


This game has such a relaxed vibe! I loved Lamia's personality (and cute expressions lol) and while I'm sure you worked hard on the decline ending, I just couldn't do it xD Thank you for the lovely experience!

Lovely game! Really liked the concept and the interface too (also shoutout to the bakery employee, we need more considerate souls like him ;))


This was so cute!

Why no secret romance route XD Would totally play that uwu


This was a super touching game! 

I loved the writing and the concept! 

The music was also a perfect fit and the effects were soooo immersive!

Thank you for making it! ^^


This was such a lovely game!! I love the art style, you are a very talented artist and you made his personality super cute and interesting. For a first game this is really good ;) 

Hope to see more from you and Lamia as well <3


Omg, I love this! Such a cute style and art. Congrats on your first game!!


Super cute. Lamia is adorable. I want him to be my AI friend forever. <3


He's so cute!! Loved his personality and design